The Best Home Inspectors in Minneapolis!

The residents of Minneapolis, MN have trusted Heartland Inspections for over 25 years! Our certified home inspectors provide thorough home inspections and outstanding customer service – just read some of our online reviews! With our detailed findings and clear and easy to understand report sent by email after your inspection, as our clients you will feel totally confident when making one of your largest investments! Our home inspections cover all areas of the home’s structure, systems and every area from the roof to the foundation.

Radon Testing

Radon comes from the breakdown of granite in the earth so it can be found in any home. This odorless, invisible gas is dangerous when the levels are too high. Our certified inspectors can provide testing that will meet EPA- guidelines and Minnesota’s Radon Measurement Laws to give you peace of mind that the property is safe. If radon levels are discovered, we can suggest steps to make ventilation safe.

Sewer Scope

A sewer scope can be schedule at the time of your home inspection or without an inspection. The residents of MN are responsible for the pipes that run from the home to the city. With our professional videos starting at the house and traveling to the city connection, we can determine if any pipes are broken, offset or sagging in areas, or if any blockages are present due to tree roots. While new homes can have sewer issues, we highly recommend that homes built prior to 1980’s schedule a sewer scope. Contact us today to schedule your sewer scope.