Post-Purchase Home Inspection

At the end of the day, knowing the big picture is considerably better than ‘working without a net’.

Did you skip the home inspection when you bought? No problem. You can still get the home inspected after the sale has gone through. 


A Post-Purchase home inspection may seem counterintuitive. But in today’s market it’s the norm for many new homeowners. Usually the inspection is performed prior to purchase so you know the condition of the home you’re buying and if you wish, can negotiate the findings with the seller for repairs or replacement. However in today’s real estate market, multiple offers and bidding wars have made it difficult for many buyers to make inspection a condition of purchase. So instead, many are having the inspection done shortly after moving in. Some find it convenient to schedule it immediately after taking possession before moving their belongings into the home. 

It won’t change the fact that as the new owner you’re responsible for potential issues. But it will absolutely help you evaluate and prioritize immediate safety and repair issues, while also crafting a maintenance plan. And equally important, you will be able to budget for the future. Knowledge is power and getting ahead of the curve puts you in the drivers seat.  

A Post-Purchase inspection is the same as the buyer inspection. It’s a deep 2 to 3 hour inspection followed by delivery of a comprehensive property report later the same day. The report includes a prioritized Summary and plenty of photos. Optional services such as a radon test and sewer scope can be added any time. Or done independently as standalone services.