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Frequently Asked Questions

    • How much does the inspection cost?

Our fees are based on the home’s size (total finished square feet). Simply put, a larger property takes more time to inspect than a smaller one. Heartland is competitively priced and our nationally certified inspectors have inspected homes of every age and size throughout the Twin Cities.

Try our easy and quick online scheduling 24/7. Or call or email us with your home size for an immediate quote and to check availability.

    • How long will the inspection take?

An inspection typically takes 2 to 3 hours on site. Very small houses can take less and larger homes will take longer.

    • When will I receive my report?

Your report will be emailed later the same day.

    • Do I need to be there?

Yes, we prefer you be there from the start! It’s immensely helpful to understanding your report and you’ll be able to ask questions as they come up. You’ll also be educated about the care and maintenance of the home. The inspector will adjust his comments to your comfort level and home ownership experience. Not everyone ‘speaks house’.

We’re told repeatedly that attending the entire time actually reduces questions afterwards – a BIG plus if there’s a contingency deadline.

    • What if I can’t attend?

It’s not always possible. Your inspector will gladly discuss the findings with you by phone after you’ve had a chance to read your report.

    • I’m a seller, why should I have an inspection?

It makes you a better informed seller. If you’ve owned your home for a period of time, an inspection will identify potential concerns that may come up in the buyer’s inspection. Make sure to view the “Preparing Your Home for an Inspection” video below, to get the most use out of the inspectors time at your home.