Repair Pricer

Turn the property report Summary into an estimate of repairs.
Receive your Repair Pricer report in 24-hours.
Repair Pricer

A Repair Pricer report saves everyone in the transaction TIME, WORRY and FRUSTRATION by providing detailed ballpark price estimates for key Summary items in the inspection report. A concise report is delivered within 24 hours from the time report is uploaded.


  • Submitting Issues to Seller? If you choose to submit a request for 1 or 2 key issues, you may select from the Repair Pricer report for your agent to include in the addendum. IT ALL DEPENDS ON YOUR STRATEGY and what will help you achieve your goals.
  • Not Submitting Issues? Cost estimates will help you prioritize and budget for key items that will need future attention. It’s a game (and budget-planning) changer.

SELLERS: A Repair Pricer report ordered in conjunction with a pre-listing inspection helps you decide and prioritize what issues, to address before listing your home, along with ballpark repair pricing information.

Here’s how it works:

When you purchase Repair Pricer, your Heartland property report is sent to their pricing team. Within 24 hours Repair Pricer provides your agent with an itemized list of Summary Item estimates to review with you. Together you can decide how to proceed.


– No one else sees the report and none of the information is shared with other companies.

– Repair Pricer provides reliable ballpark estimates. Actual costs will be determined by contractors or service providers who visit the home to diagnosis and bid the work. Whenever possible, get multiple bids to compare apples to apples.

Frequently Asked Questions

Prices are solid ballpark estimates, without seeing your project up close and personal. Using AI and human review, defects are researched to get repair information and local Twin Cities cost estimates. RP compiles all the details into a concise report and delivers it to your agent on your behalf in 24 hours or less.

It is important you understand that the service provided by is purely for estimation and negotiation purposes. It is not guaranteed that the price estimates for repairs included on your report are the same that you will end up paying for that specific repair. Pricing is based on the average cost for a similar repair in the Twin Cities, and due to unknown factors or underlying issues that we are not privy to, actual repair cost may be higher (or lower).

Your agent is an expert and, if together the two of you decide to submit a Repair Request Addendum to the seller, they will work with you to craft a request that MAXIMIZES your best advantage. Being able to demonstrate that the prices came from a reputable, reliable source like Repair Pricer helps make the process less worrisome for everyone.

A home inspector may have a general idea how much some things cost. But overall, we’re familiar with contractors’ scope of work, NOT their pricing. We do not want to create a conflict of interest. Repair Pricer will give you a reliable ballpark idea what a home repair will cost.

Think of it as being similar to getting a local quote over the phone. It’s not exact – and it’s not the same as an in-person quote from a licensed contractor – but it’s pretty darn close.

No. Repair Pricer provides a solid ballpark estimate for rough planning purposes. But it does not replace actual estimates from licensed pros who can see your project up close and personal. Repairs can be complicated – and different contractors recommend different fixes to a problem. We ALWAYS recommend getting at least 2 estimates for any project.

Absolutely not. It is prepared by one person on the Repair Pricer team and delivered directly to your agent for use as a planning tool in the transaction.