Why Recommend Heartland?

At Heartland Inspections, we value the relationships we create with our real estate professionals.

The home inspection process – from scheduling the inspection after the PA is signed… to answering a house question after closing – is a major aspect to your client’s satisfaction. At Heartland, our goal is to provide you and your client with peace of mind before, during and after the inspection. We have technical knowledge, customer service know-how, and modern reports.

We help protect your client and your reputation:

  • We share a common goal; to assist our mutual client in finding a house that can become their home.
  • Your client needs a highly trained and experienced home inspector to protect them from adverse conditions in a home they are purchasing.
  • Your client needs an objective, independent home inspector who will report issues in a reasonable manner, without minimizing significant issues or overstating minor issues.
  • Your client will appreciate that you are looking out for their best interest, which will promote trust, future business, and referrals from your clients.
  • Experience plus training equals expertise.
  • The years and number of houses inspected by a Heartland inspector guarantees the protection your clients need.
  • Heartland inspectors go through 30+ hours of continuing education annually and monthly in-house training meetings.
  • Because Heartland is a multi-inspector firm, inspectors share knowledge and experience with each other daily. Team collaboration when a question comes up is a big benefit.


  • Client-Friendly

    We are clear, honest, and helpful in explaining our findings to your clients. Our inspectors’ bedside manner is calm and non-alarmist.

  • Tech-Savvy

    We offer web-based agreements, invoicing, payments, and scheduling.

  • Convenient

    Schedule online, by phone, or through email. The choice is yours!

  • Communication

    We send out email and text reminders as well as follow-ups to you and your clients.

  • Visual, Concise and Modern Reports

    We produce the best inspection report in the industry. It’s modern, clean, and easy-to-read on any mobile device.

Realtor Training

Keep Up With Home Inspection Knowledge Relevant To Realtors

Heartland is teaches virtual CE classes online as FREE live webinars. For office and agent teams. We also teach in-office as time allows.

We’ll handle all the details. Including pre-registration and uploading credits to Pulse Portal afterwards.

To schedule, contact heartland@heartlandinspections.com.