Radon Testing Minneapolis & St. Paul

Average MN radon level is more than 3x higher than the average U.S. radon level” ~ MN Dept of Health

$220 48-hour testing

Radon: What Is It?

Buying or selling a home? Test it for radon.

According to the MN Dept of Health (MDH) 40% of homes in Minnesota have dangerous levels of radioactive gas — an odorless gas that seeps into your home through the foundation.

It’s caused by the breakdown of granite in the earth. Radon levels in neighborhoods vary from home-to-home because the ground composition below a particular home is unique and so is the home’s foundation.

It is the #1 leading cause of lung cancer among non-smokers. The area most at risk is the lowest level of the home that is lived in so that’s where we conduct the 48-hour test. Common lower level rooms include laundry, exercise, workshop, family room and bedrooms. If the home doesn’t have a lower level (slab on grade foundation), the test will be conducted on the main level.

If radon levels are above EPA-recommended guidelines, installing a radon mitigation system is surprisingly cost effective and not the big-ticket item many people expect. Professional radon mitigation typically costs $1,200 to $2,100.

Our technicians are certified and in compliance with Minnesota’s Radon Measurement Law. State law requires an individual testing device be placed in the main lowest level living area PLUS any crawl space(s) or living area(s) below a slab foundation.


$220 with or without an inspection. Includes up to 3 radon test kits.


Easily add a radon test kit to your home inspection when you schedule online.

Interested in a radon test WITHOUT a home inspection? Schedule by calling us (612) 961-3306. Not currently available online.  


What is included:

  • 48 to 72 hour continuous radon test conducted by NRPP Certified, State-licensed technician using a NRPP-certified monitor.

  • We schedule with the listing agent or the homeowner (if non-MLS).

  • Independent third party testing. We do not offer mitigation.

  • Results emailed to client same day monitor is picked up.

  • Whenever possible, monitor is installed before the inspection to get results sooner

  • If additional foundations such as a crawl space or slab foundation are present in home, each is required to be tested by the State. A modest charge for each additional monitor will be added to your work order.