Pre-Listing Inspection

Get ahead of the curve on condition before you price and sell your home.

Sell your home more quickly, more easily and often for more money with a Pre-Listing Inspection.

  • In today’s market, buyers view a pre-listing inspection from a reputable company as peace of mind that the seller is making a reasonable effort to disclose the home’s condition. Especially re-assuring if they are up against multiple offers and considering not doing a buyer inspection.
  • It demonstrates the seller’s desire for reasonable disclosure.
  • Get ahead of the curve. Find out what condition your home is in before you put it on the market. Pricing the home accurately becomes much easier when you have information about the condition to support your price.
  • A pre-listing inspection puts you in the driver’s seat. You decide whether or not to make recommended repairs, provide estimates instead, or do nothing.
  • Major issues are more than likely going to come up eventually anyway, so it’s in the seller’s best interest to find out about them and decide in advance how to address them.
  • See the home through the eyes of an unbiased, objective third-party. Sellers naturally have an emotional connection to their home. Quirks about how something operates (or doesn’t operate) often become second nature and we don’t notice them after a while.
  • Manage the inspection process rather than be at the mercy of the buyer’s choice of inspector.
  • We’ll alert you to any items of immediate personal concern, including radon and sewer line condition if you opt to add those services.

Add-On Option

  • OPTION: On-Site One-Hour Buyer Review

    A prospective buyer may hire Heartland to walk through the home for up to 1 hour to discuss the inspection results. We know how important timing is. With a team of 7 inspectors, buyers may often get on the calendar within 1 to 2 days. $150.00.  

Heartland Pre-Listing Inspection Includes:

  • Everything included in a Buyer’s Home Inspection

  • Opportunity to discuss inspection findings with inspector.

  • A PDF copy of the report to share with prospective buyers if you wish. It may be uploaded to the listing on MLS.

  • SAVINGS! $100 off inspection of your future home.

Valuable benefits

  • Add valuable professional supporting documentation to your disclosure statement.

  • Reduce over-inflated buyer expectations.

  • Reduce likelihood of post-sale recourse from buyers.

  • Make your home show better if you decide to make some of the repairs

  • Help improve the buyer’s confidence. Heartland’s credibility as an established, reputable company helps prospective buyers more comfortable.

  • If a buyer’s inspection is done, reduce the odds of the deal falling apart due to a buyer’s inspection revealing an unknown problem.