Pay When You Close!

Extra Peace of Mind During the Inspection

Heartland’s complimentary Pay At Close option allows clients to pay for a home inspection at closing instead of at time of service. Plus, additional services such as sewer scope or mold testing may be added. Pay nothing until closing – at no additional cost!

Pay Later? No Problem

Home appraisal fees are often paid for at the time of closing. Why shouldn’t inspection fees work the same way?

  • Excellent option for homebuyers limited on funds at time of inspection.
  • Provides the ability to add more inspection services that are important for the home purchase and not pay up front.
  • Easier financial planning by having all home buying-related fees scheduled for payment on set date.


  1. Once the inspection has been booked, Heartland will send an invoice for the amount owed. The client can then choose Pay At Close as their method of payment.
  2. The client has two options:
    1. If they have their closing/title company information, they select option: “I have my title company info”. (This info is often one of the first things to be assigned after the purchase agreement is signed.)
    2. If they do NOT have their closing/title company information, they select option: “I don’t have my closing company info”,  and Guardian will contact their agent for this info. **If Guardian doesn’t receive the client’s title company info from the agent within 5 business days, they reserve the right to charge client’s backup credit card.**
  3. Last, the client signs the Pay At Close agreement at the bottom of the invoice Payment Method page.
  4. There will still be a requirement for credit card info to be entered. NOTE: This is only used as a backup payment in the event the home sale doesn’t close. An amount of $0.01 will be charged to the card on file for validating purposes only. No other charges will be made to this card as long as the sale makes it to closing.


How is Pay At Close on home inspections communicated to the loan officer?

As soon as the title company information has been sent to Guardian, Guardian reaches out to the title company to communicate the inspection fees being added at closing. This is done well ahead of time so that there are no surprises at the closing office.

Does the client have to pay extra for Pay At Close on home inspections?

No. Pay At Close service is offered at no charge to the homebuyer.

What happens if a client doesn’t know their title company?

If the client doesn’t know their title company, they can click the box at checkout that says, “I don’t have my closing company info”, and their agent will be contacted to fill in these details for them.

What happens if the homebuyer changes title companies?

If the homebuyer changes title companies, they can either give the information to their agent to reach out to Guardian or can contact Guardian directly at 1-800-608-7363.

Guardian handles all aspects of collecting payment from the title company or client if the transaction does not make it to title. In all situations, Guardian is acting independently and not the home inspector or the real estate agent. The agreement / invoice that Heartland generates is sent to the designated title company for payment. If Guardian is made aware of a canceled transaction or goes past 60 days from the time of inspection, Guardian will bill the credit card that the customer provided when signing the agreement. Once the amount has been billed to the credit card, Guardian will attempt to reach the client and let them know. Guardian and Heartland recognize the importance of treating clients fairly and with respect. We anticipate that most transactions that do not make it to title will be paid with the credit card on file and that only a small percentage should have to be collected through an actual collections process.


Buying a new home should be an exciting and fun process. In order to keep it that way, we’ve made it easy to take the stress out of the inspection process. Schedule your property inspection with Heartland Inspections, call us at (612) 961-3306 today or schedule online now. We look forward to serving you and protecting your largest investment, your home.