Pre-Offer Walk-Through Consultation

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We’ve Got You Covered

Waiving the home inspection is a possible strategy to move your offer ahead of other offers.

However, it’s a risky move. If you skip the home inspection and buy the home, you’re responsible for all major repairs that occur. You have no recourse with the seller.

Our Pre-Offer Walk-Through Consultation can help you decide how or whether to proceed. At the least, you’ll make an offer with valuable basic information.


A consultation isn’t a full home inspection or a LITE version of an inspection.

Verbal only; no written, detailed information about systems or components.

The inspector use a flashlight. That’s it. 

They will provide observations about the home’s condition while walking alongside you and your agent. How much is covered in the 45 to 60 min showing appointment depends on the size, age and overall condition of the home.

Things inspector doesn’t do. 

Remove the electric panel, examine the furnace, test for carbon monoxide, look in the attic, examine plumbing connections, use infrared photography to investigate signs of moisture intrusion, test GFCI outlets, examine the roof, test appliances, test random windows and doors, and the myriad of other things an inspection includes.


#1 is a Full Home Inspection during the contingency period.

#2 is a contingent offer with an Information-Only Inspection. Consult with your buyer’s agent about how to address this in the purchase agreement. Add a sewer scope for greater peace of mind.

#3 is a Pre-Offer Walk-Through Consultation. A verbal-only observation about the home’s condition

#4 is do nothing and work completely without a net.


How To Schedule

  • Ask your agent call our office at (612) 961-3306 to schedule
  • 45 to 60 minute consultations are available Monday – Friday between 9:00 – 4:00.
  • Requests are often on short notice. We’ll do our very best to get you on the calendar but can’t guarantee availability. Consultations are scheduled around and in-between full home inspections.
  • You buyer’s agent will:
    • First, coordinate the day and time with our office at 612-961-3306.
    • Next, schedule the appointment on ShowingTime.
    • Last, notify the listing agent that Heartland will attend showing in a consultive capacity. We are not able to enter a property until the seller has been notified.

Cost? $190. Signed service agreement required in advance. 

SAVE $100Your consultant is a certified home inspector too. Once you’re under contract or have closed, schedule a full inspection to help you plan and budget for home ownership. You’ll receive a $100 off the inspection fee. Mention discount code PRESALE100 to receive savings.