Make sure the flue is open before starting your fire.

How To Open A Chimney Flue

Imagine that you have your fireplace wood in place and you are ready to start it up. The air outside is very cold and you are thinking that a nice cozy fire will keep everyone in the home happy and warm. The first thing you will want to do…
Chimney sweep of a stainless steel chimney.

Do Stainless Steel Chimneys Need Cleaning

When deciding to become a homeowner, keep in mind that projects and maintenance are almost never-ending. Yearly maintenance is required on a lot of working parts in and around your home. Always remember that purchasing a home with various perks…
Pellet stove in action.

Do Pellet Stoves Need A Chimney

Being a homeowner requires a lot of decisions to be made. If you feel the need to invest in an additional heat source for your home, make sure that you have all of the facts. Choosing between a fireplace with a chimney, an electric fireplace,…