Make sure the flue is open before starting your fire.

How To Open A Chimney Flue

Imagine that you have your fireplace wood in place and you are ready to start it up. The air outside is very cold and you are thinking that a nice cozy fire will keep everyone in the home happy and warm. The first thing you will want to do…
Chimney sweep of a stainless steel chimney.

Do Stainless Steel Chimneys Need Cleaning

When deciding to become a homeowner, keep in mind that projects and maintenance are almost never-ending. Yearly maintenance is required on a lot of working parts in and around your home. Always remember that purchasing a home with various perks…
Dirty stone fireplace

How To Clean Stone Fireplace

Sitting at home by the fireplace can often be a nice and relaxing time. The cooler months get you excited to cozy on up to a hot burning fire and listen to the crackling of the burning wood. All is well until the fire has burned out. You wake…