The Best Home Inspectors in Eden Prairie!

When you are buying, selling or maintaining your current home in Eden Prairie MN, you can trust Heartland Inspections for a thorough and professional inspection. We inspect every area of the home inside and out, from the roof to the foundation! Our customers have been relying on our certified inspectors for over 25 years! After our inspection, you will receive a detailed easy-to-read report with our findings including images to clearly explain areas of concern.

Radon Testing

Did you know 78% of all Minnesota counties have high radon levels? Radon is odorless, invisible and a carcinogenic gas that can enter any home through the foundation. We recommend radon testing by a professional to make sure your current home or possible purchase is safe from radon. Our home inspectors are Radon Testing Certified and follow EPA- guidelines and Minnesota’s Radon Measurement Law to provide you with peace of mind to know your home’s levels.

Sewer Scope

When the main line from the home to the city street backs up, not only will sewage possibly come into the home, but homeowners are responsible for the damage and costs for repair. We recommend a sewer scope to provide a video inspection to look for any broken pipes, offset pipes, or blockage from tree roots. Homes built before the 1980’s are especially at risk; however, all homes should be inspected to avoid damage to homes and pipes! You can schedule your sewer scope at the time of the home inspection or schedule it without an inspection.