Can Bad Gutters Cause Water In Basement

When you own a home, many projects arise. Homeowners should always be ready for an unexpected expense. Saving money and keeping a set amount off to the side for emergency projects is important when owning a home. One unexpected expense can come when you end up with water in your basement. Discovering water in your basement will cause you to inspect where the water is coming from.

Is it a clogged basement drain, or is it seeping in from your basement walls? Also, keep in mind that finding the source can be challenging. What if the gutters have started to sag and malfunctioned. Can bad gutters cause water in basement? Without proper gutters working to protect your home, water can pool up and leak into your basement.

Let’s take a look below at how bad gutters could end up allowing water to gain access into your basement.

How Does This Happen

Believe it or not, there are multiple reasons for gutters to fail. Understanding how to prevent your gutters from failing will ensure that your basement stays dry. After all, the main purpose of a gutter system is to redirect all water runoff away from your home’s foundation, which includes the basement. Let’s take a look below at the main reasons for bad gutters to cause water in a basement.

  • Sagging gutters – when gutters get too full from debris and dirt, they begin to add weight to their already heavy material. Over time this added weight will cause the screws or bolts that are used to secure the gutter to the roof edge to pull out of their existing holes. As the screws or bolts begin to loosen the weight of the gutter will start to push it away from the edge of the roof. This allows for the gutter to no longer be flush against the edge of the roof. Since this has occurred, the rain or snow from severe storms will completely miss the gutter system and begin to just pool up or flood the foundation area of your home.
  • Overflowing gutters – allowing your gutters to go months without being cleaned is foolish. As winds pick up, debris from surrounding trees and dirt can be blown into the gutters. Once the debris and dirt have settled in your gutter they will just sit there until someone comes to clean your gutters. Allowing dirt and debris to clog gutters will cause a dam-like effect in the gutter, which will block water from flowing through the gutters and downspouts. Once this occurs, your rainwater will get backed up and overflow along the sides of the gutter system. If you have rain in the winter months and it gets clogged, it could freeze and cause an ice dam.
  • Trenching – allowing your gutter system to end up sagging or clogged will result in water overflow. As the water pours over the side of the gutter the force of it erodes the soil beneath it. As the water splashes down, a trench is created and water seeps into the foundation wall. Trenching will allow water to puddle or pool up next to your foundation which prevents moving water away from your home. What doesn’t get to the foundation will seep into the ground and potentially leak into the basement. Water build up around your home is a very big problem and should be dealt with immediately.
Cleaning of your gutters is important or the water can end up in the basement.
Cleaning your home’s gutters.

What Should I Do To Prevent This

The moment that you notice flooding in your basement you will want to reach out to your local plumber and gutter installation company. Both of these professionals can assess the damage that has been caused by a malfunctioning gutter system. If you do not take care of this issue quickly, you could end up with a mold and insect issue. If the basement is a built-out room, then standing water could damage the furniture or flooring in the basement. The quicker you work to drain the basement and fix your gutter issue the less damage you will have to fix.

How Much Does It Cost

The cost of a gutter system varies based on the size of the home. The number of gutter trays and downspouts that you need will dictate how much you are going to spend. On average, you will look to spend around $1,100. If you have a large roof that requires more coverage, you can expect to pay upwards of $2,000. As the price of materials changes so will the estimated cost of installation.

Typically, the labor charge stays the same or is fairly competitive in the market. Consequently, don’t be afraid to ask if it is cheaper to install gutters during different times of the year.

Other Recommended Maintenance

Now that you have learned more about water in your basement due to bad gutters, you should consider reading up on what some of your gutter options are. This is a great time to get to know more about seamless gutters and how they work. Also, knowing the differences between gutter systems is important when you are deciding on a new or repairing an old gutter system.

Next, as you are working to repair or replace your gutter system, you also might need some roof repairs. As a homeowner, it is important to write down maintenance timelines and when you can expect to replace any item that is a part of your home. Additionally, having this timeline or checklist allows you to stay on top of necessary maintenance to create longevity for your home systems. Understanding when to replace your roof or even parts of your roof is key. Just replacing your gutter system might not be enough.

Lastly, make sure that you have your gutter system wrapping around the entire home. If not, you will want to consult a professional gutter installation company. They will determine the best fix for your home’s needs.

Installing a gutter guard on your gutters can help keep water out of the basement.
A gutter system with a gutter guard.

When Do I Call A Professional

Homeowners that understand what goes into protecting the foundation and basement of their homes will have the least amount of issues. Calling on a professional gutter installation company is important for this project. They can make sure that you have the correct gutters for your home’s needs. They can also recommend ways to direct the water runoff away from your basement.

This way the excess water does not get into the basement and cause flooding. If you aren’t sure which local gutter installation company to call, then reach out to your local home inspection team. Your local home inspection team can recommend a reputable gutter installation company and inspect your roofing and basement drain needs.


Determining which gutter system works for your home is a difficult task. In most cases, the homeowner will select the cheapest product that fits their budget. Unfortunately, planning for the what-ifs isn’t always something that homeowners consider. Make sure to get multiple gutter installation and material quotes. Also, consider that you have a variety of gutter material choices. Just because your neighbor has one type, does not mean that you should have the same type.

Contact your local home inspection team and they can look at your gutters and your basement. Then they can determine exactly what the issue is with regards to water getting into the basement. Additionally, they will recommend a reputable gutter installation company for your gutter replacement or new installation needs. Call on Heartland Inspections services in greater Minneapolis St. Paul and surrounding areas for your home inspection needs.